What we believe

What it means to be a Christian

Christian life is lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and in common with other Christians in the church seeking to deepen that relationship and to follow the way that Jesus taught, a way that gives new life to all of us.

For Christians God is understood and known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father… God is love, caring for creation and for every human being as God’s beloved child.

Son… God is as he has revealed himself to be in the historical person of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection holds the key to knowing and loving God, and to making sense of life, before and after death.

…and Holy Spirit… God is alive, loving and active today, inspiring faith, justice and truth, sustaining the life of the world, giving spiritual gifts to the church and bearing his spiritual fruit in the world – changed lives and a transformed society

Bible Study groups and regular Home Groups

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Some Christian Internet Resources

We hear a lot about the damage the internet can (and does) do. But it is also a source of great good, which we believe God can use to help all kinds of people. As with all other subject areas, there are good Christian websites and less good ones; so on this page we have put together a list of links to sites that we know and respect, and which we hope will be of real value to at least some of our virtual visitors. Enjoy!




Sacred Space     A site run by the Irish Jesuits, which provides an attractive and

user-friendly daily meditation


Oremus   “Dedicated to being a comprehensive place of prayer on the Internet”  – and

with a lot to offer


The Peace Place   A diverse site, which offers the chance to sign up for a free “Daily

Spiritual Seed” sent by EMail


Christian Meditation   A Benedictine site for people interested in Christian



The Daily Office    A very convenient site (with music!) for those who appreciate

liturgical prayer


An Invitation to Prayer   A site with a nice range of prayers for specific situations and



World Prayer Net   A site which aims to inspire and equip Christians and their

churches to take the call to prayer seriously





The Bible Gateway   Offers quick access to many translations of the Bible (with a

search facility)


Biblical Studies   Extensive resources for Bible study.


Internet Christian Library   A site that offers a wide range of classic Christian texts,

and many other resources.


Ekklesia    “A think-tank and news service that promotes radical theological ideas in

public life” – informative and stimulating.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library   Another site with online versions of many core

Christian texts.




The Cyber Hymnal


Oremus Hymnal


The Lutheran Hymnal




The Retreat Association   Has some very useful information about retreats and retreat



The Taize Community    Has resources for worship and regular news updates


The Church of England   Our denomination’s central website, containing links to

many other Christian organisations


Christians on the Internet   Website of “an interdenominational group of Christians

working together to advise, help and encourage the Church in its use of the



Mystics in Love   For those interested in Christian mysticism, especially during the

Middle Ages


Ship of Fools   For Christians who find it healthy to laugh at themselves…